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About Impact4Humanity

Impact4Humanity by Girls in Tech Malaysia is a global initiative that aims to bring various stakeholders together to embrace the idea of Social Innovation which combines businesses with a positive mission.

Impact4Humanity will see an assembly of gender diverse teams to realize high impact ideas that will benefit 1 million people and more across the globe. Selected ideas that are validated during the ideation bootcamp would be developed into prototypes, receive early funding and showcased at the Global Entrepreneurship Community 2017.

Make Your Innovation Part Of The Global Solution For Humanity

We welcome women and men across Malaysia, including developers, designers, product developers, entrepreneurs, social innovators, students and working professionals. We also encourage the participation of businesses that want to embrace the idea of Social Innovation or initiatives that combine profitable business with a positive mission.

In order to ensure quality deliverables, the participants are expected to possess certain level of skills in areas such as idea development, application/mobile development, product engineering, research and development, market segmentation, digital marketing and more.

What Is Our Mission

Impact4Humanity is a platform dedicated to explore ideas, build prototypes and develop ventures that are based on social innovations that are progressive solutions to problems and issues that impact the global community. These would include the sharing economy, preventive healthcare apps, water and food solutions, and microfinance and many more.

We are seeing a healthy growth of social enterprises with more being launched every year, worldwide. Their goal is mainly focused on radically transforming key sectors such as education, healthcare, environment conservancy, at risk youth and many more. The role for Impact4Humanity is to ensure that they harness technology and innovation in their products and services, and adopt sound business models that are both profitable and sustainable.

Impact4Humanity also offers the opportunity to validate needs and market at the starting point to ensure these ventures would be successful in serving and benefiting millions of people globally.

We are teaming up and working with government entities, institutions, corporations and organizations to identify solutions that would help strengthen Social Enterprise in communities around the world. Participants will be challenged to spark new ways to foster stronger collaboration and communication in the private, public and people sectors, and build a robust social marketplace to accelerate the growth of the social sector.

Successful ventures would be showcased and launched at


Girls in Tech (GIT)is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology.

Website: https://malaysia.girlsintech.org/

Collaborating Partners

A unit under the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the National Strategy Unit (NSU) facilitates and coordinates the implementation of government policies in a more structured, integrated and cost-effective manner using the NBOS approaches.


The National Entrepreneurship Office (NEDO) is under the purview of the Ministry of Finance (MOF), established to assist and create opportunities for more entrepreneurs especially amongst the youth of Malaysia.


MAGIC’s mission is to catalyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia, bringing together the abundant resources from partners and communities alike, and to develop entrepreneurs of enduring, high growth startups that will make a positive impact at a regional or global scale.

Website: http://mymagic.my/en/

The Government of Malaysia has declared 2017 as a Startup & SME Promotion Year in line with strengthening the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in contributing to the nation’s growth and labour market.



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