Impact4Humanity brings together various government entities, organizations and institutions from the private and public sectors that play key roles at various components of the program. This inclusive approach helps us achieve our objectives to promote and catalyze entrepreneurship through various channels and partners.


Our corporate partners play important roles through all the stages and components of the Impact4Humanity program.

  • Pre-Hack

Our corporate partners share their problem statements derived from their existing CSR initiatives that shall be solved through social innovation. These include areas such as society development, healthcare, education, poverty and empowerment, and many more.

  • During hackathon

Our corporate partners take on the role of validation partners or mentors. They are required to offer insights/data and/or access to market/group for the validation exercise. They will also be a part of the selection panel to decide the winners.

  • Post-hackathon

Our corporate partners shall participate as an impact or corporate investor. They take on the role as mentor or coach and provide access to technology or facilities during the acceleration period. They would facilitate access to market or support Proof of Concept implementation.


We ask that our corporate partners strengthen their commitment to the Impact4Humanity program by identifying and allocating a resource person/persons to the following:

  • Impact Area Scope

Participate in the Partner’s Bootcamp where impact area/areas shall be identified, needs and market size validated, solution criteria developed and resource person identified.

  • Impact Program Agenda

Participate in the development of communications and media plan where impact areas are identified, story line developed and contact person identified.

  • Invested Interest

Participate in assessing participants’ ventures, and if interested, participate in the development of Impact Programs for Invested Project where funding is acquired to develop prototypes and opportunity is given to pledge investment in successful project or commit to support the first project rollout.


  • Your organization will be visible to our vast global reach of 60 chapters of Girls in Tech around the world which also includes our media and corporate partners.
  • You can align your company and brand as one that supports initiatives for women and entrepreneurship, diversity agenda and impact for social transformation.
  • You create the opportunity for partnerships and innovative social ventures that offer significant growth potential both in your home market and beyond.
  • You gain access to an incredible pool of talent from the professionals and volunteers in attendance at the event, and the innovative solutions identified and developed.


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